this other guy came out of nowhere (well he emerged behind me on the dance floor to laugh at my drunkness with my friends)

anyway, i just spend 3 days with this new guy. i like him.

im confused, uncertain, happy, scared, guilty, surprised, alive, stuck, all at the same fuckin time. WTF!?

they each have their flaws/reasons why it would not work out if i let myself purse either of them.

iv never in my life ever had two guys wanting me in their life at the same time.

the new guy knows about the previously existing one, that was hard to be honest about. the said “its a challenge im willing to accept.” so he has pretty much won me over, but will he always be the kind of guy he has been with me the past 72 hours? did he do the things he did because he knew he had competition? but then there is the FEELING iv never got kissing someone before.

the question is not who do i want, its who do i need? and who shows that they need me? 

im giving myself a few days without them, im running away to the moutains with my family and maybe i will know how to go about this unbelievable unlikely situation i am currently living.

again, WTF!?

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